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About Mairin:

Having helped clients with various needs throughout the years, Mairin has a flair for capturing essential elements that make a space work. With her unique gift in understanding the needs and desires of her clients, she creates outstanding spaces.  
You can count on Mairin to run a smooth process and deliver results you'll appreciate for years to come. The space you are in most often should be a place of comfort and warmth, no matter your style. Mairin creates thoughtfully curated and livable spaces whether at home or work. 

Mairin is a self-taught decorator with 5 years experience in the business. She earned a BS in Art Education in 2007. During her studies at Miami University, she loved all things art as she studied painting and color theory closely. Her artistic career began in art education creating art and offering children an opportunity to appreciate art as well. Before starting her career in decorating, Mairin worked with several non-profits in various cities teaching art while working on her body of work. Mairin favors painting, specializing mural making. Murals are an outstanding way to make an interior space one-of-a-kind!

Inspiration found under a bridge on a walk to the art museum in San Juan, Puerto Rico. 2022.

Color enthusiast.

Mairin Egge, Artist and Interior Decorator

"I love to travel. I love meeting new people, learning about various cultures, and encountering new environments." Through these inspirations, Mairin's design is heavily influenced by the experiences, textiles, and design she discovers around the world.

Mairin loves to indulge in color and appreciates the calmness of neutrals. The client’s vision is always at the center of every project.

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