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Whether it's wallpaper, a surface covering, or a hand painted mural, a large segment of art can transform a space.

A painting adhered or painted directly on the wall (or decorative wall paper - there are so many great options out there!) will immerse you in a scene. Scenic murals that 
bring the outdoors inside can really open up a space. Powerful hues and patterns work especially well in small spaces, creating a dramatic statement.

There are no boundaries! As a mural artist, let Mairin transform your space.
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Next steps ...
Mairin will:
  • Visit the space to take measurements and inquire more about the wants and needs of the client. Size and amount of detail will determine most of the cost.
  • Generate a contract with terms of service.
  • Create a sketch of said painting. 
  • Install the artwork!
Mairin Egge's creative process
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