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Full Service Interior Decorating is for the client whose space needs new life or identity. It starts as a concept/proposal and develops into a finished space. Whether the project is a recent build or an existing home, Mairin will manage and guide the client through the process every step of the way. Mairin will assume floor planning, mood boards, shopping, purchasing, paint and/or wall covering selections, and installation for home owners and businesses. This service does not include renovations. If the project involves anything structural, the process is more complex and involves other professionals. Please call Mairin to discuss.

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It all begins with a FREE discovery call. During this conversation, we will determine if it's a good fit for both parties. After all, it is a partnership. Moving forward, a 2 hour in-home consultation between the client(s) and Mairin will be scheduled.  During this visit we will discuss the scope of the project, the expectations and desirable outcomes, as well as the process. Measurements and before pictures will be taken at this time. 

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